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Thumbprint CPM is a web-based Collaborative Program Management tool. Thumbprint CPM's learning knowledgebase contains project elements and process information, as well as program requirements, unique to your company. The knowledgebase allows the user to create a dynamic process model that captures, retains, and intelligently applies this information to concurrent and future projects, optimizing performance across your program.

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Thumbprint CPM Benefits - How does Thumbprint CPM Optimize System Performance?

Thumbprint CPM's learning knowledgebase optimizes program performance by providing Program Intelligence, Automated Project Generation, Program Change Management, Project Re-Construct, Project Re-Roll, and Real-time Scheduling and Reporting.

Program Intelligence: Harnessing the Wealth of Information

Projects generate a wealth of information that is frequently stored in the mind of a project manager or on an outdated spreadsheet. It is often considered a luxury for team members collaborating on projects to share vital time and cost-saving information with their counterparts. Thus, much of a company's program intelligence (project and process knowledge) is difficult to truly leverage across other projects within the program.

Thumbprint CPM helps companies harness the wealth of information by effectively capturing, retaining, and applying program intelligence. For example, if one project manager discovers a new process that will save the company money, the user can enter the conditions in which this new process will apply into the system. Thumbprint CPM will then "push" this knowledge to other project managers when the same project conditions apply. In this way, Thumbprint CPM helps companies increase efficiency by mining their program intelligence.

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Automated Project Generation: Overcoming the "Template Trap"

Interactive Project Generation Quickly Creates Project Plans

Traditional project management systems utilize static project and process templates to manage projects. These templates must be modified manually, resulting in hundreds or even thousands of disparate templates. Thumbprint CPM, conversely, builds projects without the use of templates by using a dynamic process model called a knowledgebase. This knowledgebase taps into existing databases or asks interview-like questions during project creation to obtain the needed conditions surrounding a specific project applying knowledge learned on past projects (see diagram to right). Thumbprint CPM can also search external systems (such as accounting software) to find answers to these questions during project generation---further extending your ability to share knowledge across your company. The knowledgebase adapts to conditions you set during project generation and it takes just minutes to create a new project.

Real-time Scheduling and Reporting: Managing Priorities and Changing Conditions

Current Task Status is Easily Viewed on the Project Timeline

The schedule within Thumbprint CPM dynamically adjusts based on input from each team member providing real-time reporting capabilities. A program dashboard of information allows you to instantly view project schedules, task status and deliverables in real-time. This ability helps you to increase accountability across your team, as well as proactively manage priorities and changing project conditions.

Program Change Management
Project Re-Construct
Project Re-Roll

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