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Thumbprint Software employs a unique Process Deliverables Methodology ™ (PDM) to concisely define what your organization delivers and how those deliverables are produced. PDM is a highly structured interview technique that captures your processes much faster and more accurately than conventional, tedious "flow-chart" techniques. .

The PDM capture is used to create your model in the learning knowledgebase unique to Thumbprint CPM. The model is used to define reusable tasks, complete with dependencies (tasks that change based on conditions), constraints (predecessor/successor task relationships), durations (so overall project length and critical path may be determined), responsible parties, and costs. PDM ensures that high-value processes are defined and captured while low- and no-value processes are simply "off-the-map".

The PDM model will enable your Thumbprint CPM to work in the conditions and parameters you have set. The PDM capture sessions are conducted by one of our expert in-house consultants.

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