Project Re-Roll

Thumbprint CPM's dynamic process model provides the project manager the ability to re-execute portions of the project as required and as often as needed. As many construction owners face project scope changes this feature becomes invaluable as it clearly tracks each time tasks need to be redone providing a historical roadmap. Unlike legacy systems that use static templates, Thumbprint CPM's dynamic process model automatically creates new versions of tasks and imbeds former project activity for reference and comparison. Thumbprint CPM's dynamic process model automatically re-associates new task dependencies automatically all while preserving all communication, information, and collaboration inside the original tasks that are not present, but closed.

As an example of this feature, a company's construction documents have been submitted to permitting and distributed to bidders. Then, a new design change affects these documents already in-progress. The required design tasks as well as any permitting and bidding process can be selected for "Re-roll" while capturing prior collaboration on permit approvals and bids already received. The project schedule is automatically revised so users can see the impact of the revised design changes.

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