Project Re-Construct

Frequently the project process must begin in order to understand if certain deliverables, tasks, and resources are required. Thumbprint CPMs dynamic process model contains all the conditions that you desire and can automatically apply them at the appropriate time during the project. Project Re-Construct allows project managers to revise project decisions, incorporate new project requirements, and re-execute selected portions or even entire project plans based on revised decisions at any point during the project life cycle. Unlike legacy systems that use static templates, Thumbprint CPMs dynamic process model automatically creates these new project components automatically tying task dependencies together avoiding timely manual project revisions. Users can also immediately see the impact of these project changes in Thumbprint CPMs real-time schedule.

As an example of this feature, a company's real estate group my be considering several sites in a metropolitan area. As the team uses Thumbprint CPM to manage and track each site only certain sites may require additional site visits and studies for environmental conditions. In addition, the design team would want to wait until the executive committee approves the final selected site before the design phase would know whether or not the project requires variances, easements, or other conditions discovered during due diligence. Once these issues are discovered, the project manager can use Thumbprint CPMs Project Re-construct feature to select these optional components in the project process at just the right time.

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