Program Change Management

Thumbprint CPMs dynamic process model uniquely helps companies manage and incorporate change in their programs. With a feature called Process Synchronization, specified users can access the dynamic process model, make revisions to the process, incorporate new criteria, add/modify checklists, make changes to resource requirements, or revise any other task attribute quickly and easily. Once your team discovers the process change the appropriate administrator can use the Process Synchronization feature to conditionally apply these important changes automatically to projects in progress. All future projects will be generated using these changes that are applied to the dynamic process model.

For example, a user might discover a new time-saving process that is applicable for projects within the US that take less than six months to complete. The user enters the conditions and parameters under which the new process will apply into the dynamic process model. Once the information is entered, each project schedule that meets that condition will be flagged allowing the user to select how to incorporate this change into existing projects saving the company time and money. Any project or process data can be modified at any time and the dynamic process model will permeate changes in this way. Thumbprint CPMs knowledgebase technology helps companies turn data and information from past projects into knowledge to leverage and apply across programs.

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