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manufacturing image Thumbprint CPM for Product Engineers and Manufacturing Executives

Thumbprint CPM can help you raise visibility of design and production for every order across all product lines. With Thumbprint CPM, you can leverage consistent processes in product research, design, development and order fulfillment projects, while remaining flexible to innovate. You can even apply conditional changes to projects already in progress.

Let's look at a common manufacturing scenario where Thumbprint CPM will capture, share, retain, and apply project and process knowledge to add to your company's program intelligence.

Your company operates 10 basic product lines across a global customer base. Each of these product lines may have numerous variations on their engineering and development.   In addition to custom-order fulfillment with tight deadlines, there are also longer-term development projects reaching for critical windows of opportunity in the marketplace. Thumbprint CPM's unique approach to program management ensures the most efficient process alignment for all variations of all product lines, while fostering flexibility to make process changes on the fly.

Let's suppose a product engineer encounters a particular safety requirement for a project fielded internationally.  He alerts the development program manager and they decide on the process they'll take to fulfill the customer's need.

In the past, each time a product engineer encountered this same requirement the same dialogue and process would be repeated with the program manager. However, because several of the international projects will encounter similar requirements in the future, the program manager simply enters the new condition under which the safety issue applies with the relevant documentation into Thumbprint CPM. The learning knowledgebase now understands what is necessary to fulfill the safety issue proactively (project knowledge). The learning knowledgebase also understands the conditions under which it will automatically "push" this information to each field product engineer when it becomes relevant to their own projects (process knowledge).

Thus, knowledge captured on one project can be appropriately applied to both concurrent and future projects, reducing time and cost. This product and process knowledge is immediately available across teams and product lines through Thumbprint CPM via the Internet. In the future, if conditions for the safety requirement change, the learning knowledgebase can be modified on-the-fly instantly. Essentially, Thumbprint CPM becomes increasingly smarter as it is used to manage products and processes.

To find out more about how Thumbprint CPM can help you optimize program performance, click here to request information or have a sales representative contact you.

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