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Thumbprint CPM for Energy Service Companies and Production Companies

Let’s look at a common scenario from the Oil and Gas industry where Thumbprint CPM will capture, share, retain, and apply project and process knowledge to add to your company’s program intelligence.

Your company has exploration, drilling and development programs in three new plays in the Rockies.  The E&P manager is keeping a high level pulse on each of the programs, trying to coordinate the multi-disciplinary geophysical, geological, land, environmental and engineering multi-member teams.  On the first exploratory well, a suite of knowledge is acquired that can be applied to expedite and improve future development wells to save the company money.

In the past, if any post-well analysis was performed and captured, that information was put into a static notebook that became quickly outdated.  However, because the new developments will encounter similar but different conditions in the future, the teams enter the new technical knowledge as the programs progress into Thumbprint CPM.   The learning knowledgebase becomes a repository for this knowledge so it can be applied to future programs. The learning knowledgebase also understands the conditions under which it will automatically “push” related documents (such task details) and checklists when they become relevant on the program.  This knowledge is available in real-time as it is updated in Thumbprint CPM.

Thus, knowledge captured on one drilling well or one drilling program can be appropriately applied to both concurrent and future wells or programs, reducing time and cost.  This knowledge is immediately available to your entire company through Thumbprint CPM via the Internet.  In the future, as technical knowledge continues to be collected, the learning knowledgebase can be modified on-the-fly.

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