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Learning Knowledgebase

How do You Apply Knowledge from Past Projects?

Thumbprint CPM is built on a smart database called a learning knowledgebase. Thumbprint CPMs learning knowledgebase allows the creation of a dynamic process model. This dynamic process model captures, retains and intelligently applies project and process knowledge. Unlike traditional databases that only store and retrieve static information, a knowledgebase learns the conditions and attributes that apply to information by interacting with users. Thumbprint CPMs knowledgebase technology provides the user with program functionality unlike that found in any other software solution. It is the creation of this dynamic process model that allows the following features to exist enhancing performance, promoting team learning, and saving valuable time.


Additional benefits of a knowledgebase include:

  • Completely customizable workflow and process development
  • Real-time schedules that automatically shift based on new information and task interdependencies
  • Evolving library of project and process expertise to help train new employees faster
  • Visible status of tasks, projects, teams and deliverables via a program dashboard


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