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Based in Lafayette, Indiana, Thumbprint Software, LLC is a privately held company founded in 2005.

In 2005, the founders purchased the intellectual property for Thumbprint CPM, our flagship product, from Cyntergy Technology of Tulsa, Oklahoma in order to bring the opportunities provided by the application to a broader range of markets. Cyntergy Technology, a subsidiary of Cyntergy, LLC focused on process management technologies associated with the architectural, engineering, and construction industry. Thumbprint Software's founders saw the potential to expand the capabilities present in Thumbprint CPM to make it available to a wider audience with additional opportunities for integration and areas of application and so formed Thumbprint Software. Cyntergy Technology, LLC had been the home of Thumbprint CPM since 1999 when the underlying technology was acquired from Proactive Solutions, a company led by Bill Davis.

Proactive Solutions had developed a new breed of program automation technology targeting the engineering and manufacturing industry called SmartProject (precursor to Thumbprint CPM). Convinced the advanced LAN technology developed by Proactive Solutions could solve the program management headaches of the Corporate Owner and AEC market, Cyntergy LLC acquired Proactive Solutions and formed Cyntergy Technology in 1999.  Cyntergy Technology continued to develop the program management software and launched it in 2001 branded as Thumbprint CPM.

Today, with a management team comprised of veterans in technology and the markets we serve, Thumbprint Software is a leader in web native Collaborative Program Management software. Thumbprint Software's patent-pending software, Thumbprint CPM optimizes performance across a wide range of disciplines through a learning knowledgebase of repeatable project elements and customizable company processes.
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