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Thumbprint CPM for Corporate Owners and the AEC Industry

Thumbprint CPM enables companies to share knowledge about permits, criteria and other building information instantly across programs.  With Thumbprint CPM, you can build project plans without the use of static templates and view project schedules that reflect real-world changing project conditions.

Let’s look at a common AEC/Corporate Owners scenario where Thumbprint CPM will capture, share, retain, and apply project and process knowledge to add to your company's program intelligence.

Your company is building 40 new grocery stores in the Southeast this year alone.  The program manager is keeping a high level pulse on each of the projects and trying to manage the overall schedules.  A project manager on one of the projects runs into a new permitting requirement that becomes applicable if stores are within 100 miles of the Chattahoochee River.  He alerts the program manager and they decide on the process they'll take to obtain the permit.

In the past, each time a project manager encountered this same requirement the same dialogue and process would be repeated with the program manager.  However, because several of the new stores will encounter the same permitting requirement in the future, the program manager simply enters the new condition under which the permit applies with the relevant documentation into Thumbprint CPM.   The learning knowledgebase now understands what is necessary to resolve the permit requirements (project knowledge).  The learning knowledgebase also understands the conditions under which it will automatically "push" this permit information to each project manager when it becomes relevant to their own projects (process knowledge).  This permit information includes the required forms, documents and criteria needed to submit the permit. 

Thus, knowledge captured on one project can be appropriately applied to both concurrent and future projects, reducing time and cost.  This project and process knowledge is immediately available to your entire company through Thumbprint CPM via the Internet.  In the future, if conditions for the permitting process change, the learning knowledgebase can be modified on the fly.  Essentially, Thumbprint CPM becomes smarter about your projects and processes as it is used.

To find out more about how Thumbprint CPM can help you optimize program performance, click here to request information or have a sales representative contact you.

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